USDF Silver and Bronze Medalist

• Born in Vienna, Austria
• Moved to England in the 80s where Vanessa began to ride with a focus on eventing. Evented two horses successfully at Prelim level
          ◦ Trained with: Mark Todd, David Green & Goran Breisner 
• Moved to the US in the 90s where Vanessa apprenticed for:
          ◦ Louise Meryman – eventing (one year)
          ◦ Marcia Kulak – eventing (winter season in Florida)
          ◦ David O’Brien – eventing (winter season in North Carolina)
          ◦ Sue Blinks – dressage (one year)
          ◦ Felicitas Von Neuman Cosel – dressage (½ year)
          ◦ Andrea Mc Cauley – dressage (½ year)
• Throughout the 90s and the 00s, Vanessa competed abundantly both in Eventing (through Prelim) and dressage (through I2)
• 1995 – Vanessa and Family purchased Grey Dawn Farm. Vanessa and her mom Cindy began a boarding operation.  While training horses for sale, competing, teaching and periodically renovating and maintaining the facility with her mom, Vanessa continued to work extensively with the following professionals:
          ◦ Uwe Steiner – dressage (monthly clinics and winter seasons in Florida over a period of 10 years)
          ◦ Gunner Ostergaard – dressage (clinics & lessons over a period of two years)
          ◦ Christopher Hickey – dressage (two winter seasons in Florida)
          ◦ Katie Riley – dressage (lessons on a consistent basis over a span of 2 years)
          ◦ Michael Poulin – dressage (two winter seasons in Florida) 
• 2008 – Vanessa meets her husband, Javier, with whom she shares 2 daughters.  Vanessa and Javier run Grey Dawn Farm together.


• Javier is part owner and manager of Grey Dawn Farm since 2010.

• Before running Grey Dawn Farm, Javier has cared for/managed top horses belonging to Sue Jaccoma, Kathy Priest, Patrick Burssens and Juan Matute. 

• He also has vast experience maintaining land, equipment, structures and footing.

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dressage horse training boarding orange county ny