Grey Dawn Farm was originally built in the 1800s and was used for raising cattle. We purchased the farm in 1995 and although we have renovated the main barn structures over the years, including the most recent and most expansive renovation, the charm of the old barn has not been lost and much of its footprint has been preserved. The barns sit on 52 acres of undulating fields and woodlands, with ample trails and fenced pasture. We have a large run in shed structure with center isle which accommodates our retired horses and breeding stock on the other side of the farm from the training facility. Our Dressage Training Board in NY Facility includes the following:

      • A 100’ x 230’ Fenced outdoor riding arena with a stone dust base and 4” of sand on top. We are able to set up an arena court for dressage test preparation.
      • A 60’ x 160’ insulated indoor riding arena with mirrors, excellent LED lighting and ample windows. The footing consists of a stone dust base with German Geo Textile footing, rubber and dust control mixed with Granite Sand (very durable).
      • A 7 stall shed row of 12’ x 12’ stalls with rubber mats and double dutch doors overlooking the turn out pastures.
      • A 7-stall center isle barn attached to the grooming area, which in turn is attached to the indoor. Stalls are 12’ x 12’, with rubber mats and European stall fronts. The isle also has rubber mats.
      • 2 blanket rooms: one for storing clean blankets and the other one for hanging ones that are in use.
      • A heated grooming area with 3 grooming bays, 2 wash stalls and rubber mats throughout. It is directly attached to both the indoor riding arena, the tack room and the center isle barn.
      • A climate controlled tack room (heat and A/C)
      • Fantastic LED lighting throughout the newly renovated structures.
      • Video surveillance
      • Climate controlled viewing room with large windows overlooking indoor riding arena. Also equipped with kitchenette, seating area, TV, equine library, and a bathroom.
      • Ample fenced turn out pastures with heated water troughs in the winter.
      • Well maintained trails around whole property.
      • 2 apartments, built in 2018, above the grooming area and viewing room.